BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Developing a Business


Amazon.com Inc. had gone through a century of start from a mere online bookstore and its establishment has ascended into a global behemoth that encompasses various aspects of the technology industry. The tech sector is mobile, cloud based, and focused on artificial intelligence (AI). It is the pioneer of digital technologies in the U.S. and a leading player in data processing and hosting services worldwide (Kazak’tyzik, 2022). Along with technology, Amazon relishes business operation, as the latter forms the core principle in Amazon’s competitive strength. The Amazon Business Reshape 2022 Report states that efficient and socially responsible procurement strategies are of the utmost importance. At the same time, supply chain flexibility defines the purchasing pattern of the company (Amazon.com, Inc. 2022). As Amazon’s financial success is interconnected with the well-being of small and medium –sized businesses that are a part of its eCommerce platform (Amazon, 2021), the success of the eCommerce platform’s functioning greatly depends on those businesses.

Amazon’s uncontested place among the markets allows it to take the lead in roadshows to the extent of logistics and operations management (Warrier, Guiying, et al., 2021). The ability of the company to make diverse investments along with its triumphs gives staff a chance to learn much more than an ordinary working environment would give them. Listed opportunities for professional growth are internships in the office of the accounting and finance department AND operations management that do not only enrich but also, further enhance knowledge and professional skills.

Accounting and Finance

The connection between accounting and finance is severely close within a business, central for the performance of tasks and the choice of strategies which affect the organizational finances (Razak, 2021). These sections are key in assessing the financial advantages as well as the liabilities of different organizational activities including funding various projects, growing existing facilities, training staff, and updating business software (Renehan, 2020). They work hand in hand with the pertinent financial regulatory authorities by complying with a necessary and regulated type of accurate financial reporting. Amazon deploys its vast network of third-parties partners for infrastructure management EVS in billing and collecting. It is these internal providers who are at the forefront of providing critical information to the high-level decision makers of the corporation on a basis of finance and accounting functions. In the context of the sector, the information produced is important evaluation aspects of business performance, not just the unrestrictedly financial areas like outflow and inflow as well as collection of receivables and accounts management which are the fundamental accounting tasks of financial assessment. As seen in Amazon’s strategy of operating on low prices, the accounting and finance divisions are the pillars that secure better revenue generation and profitability. It is this relationship between departments that help the organization in achieving and making activities, which support the company’s goal (Agrawal, Eklund, Waite & Woodcock, 2020).

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